Pinarello Dogma F Disc Frameset Summit Red D402

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  • Aerodynamics, weight, geometry, tube thicknesses and profiles, the choice of carbon, all of these factors play a part in the perfect bicycle. There’s an art to finding the right equilibrium, and it’s an art that PINARELLO has always been dedicated to mastering. The new DOGMA F is the purest expression yet of that dedication, the combination of all our experience, taste, instinct, and skill.

    This is a bike that is perfect for every type of rider and every terrain, because real-world riders aren’t specialised. You need a bike that can climb and descend with equal flair, attack every corner and make every watt count on the finishing straight. The DOGMA F is designed to do just that, no matter the circumstances.

    Unlike so many other manufacturers, PINARELLO has never made distinctions between aerodynamic bikes and climber’s bikes because that’s not how people ride in the real world. Whether you’re an amateur riding for fun or a professional in a grand tour, every time you go out for a ride you come across varying terrain, and even the biggest climbs are only reached by riding across the plains.


    When designing the DOGMA F, we put handling first, the same as we’ve always done. So often, cycling brands focus on weight, but the scales are misleading, and out on the road it’s responsiveness and comfort that matter more than shaving off a few grams. Yes, the complete DOGMA F Disc frame kit is 11% lighter than the F12, but that is a result of our R&D team’s commitment to innovation and new production methods such as 3D-printed titanium componentry. Close attention has been paid to the seat post, headset, fork, and the Talon cockpit, resulting in a saving of 265 grams compared to the DOGMA F12, while also being 12% stiffer around the bottom bracket, with improved aerodynamics providing significant watt savings.

    Further evidence of that devotion to performance can be seen in the updated ONDA fork, which we designed from scratch twice so that both our rim brake and disc brake models could be as fast as possible. We did this because we believe that every cyclist should have the right to choose which brakes to use. The DOGMA F was developed with the same respect and attention to detail, regardless of whether it’s rim or disc, and that meant making two completely different forks for two completely different braking systems.

    The result is a PINARELLO that’s more aero than ever. Drag is practically non-existent until the air has travelled halfway along the frame. And thanks to innovation derived directly from the Bolide, the blades of the new ONDA fork actually act as sails that favour forward movement in crosswind conditions – an effect that is amplified as the wind gets stronger.

    Every detail of the DOGMA F has been refined for improved airflow, from the improved front fork section that cuts through the air to the new rear triangle that channels airflow harmoniously out the back, making it 4.8% more aerodynamic in the disc version compared to the DOGMA F12.



    Total bike weight, launch configuration, without pedals and bottle cage:

    • DOGMA F DISC size 53 – SRAM RED ETAP AXS – DT SWISS ARC1400 = 6.9kg (no pedals)
      DOGMA F DISC size 53 – SHIMANO DURACE DI2 (9100) – DT SWISS ARC1400 = 6.8kg (no pedals)

    A similar build in the rim version would easily be below the UCI weight limit.




    We will never use T-shirt sizes to measure our bikes. To do so would be an insult to our Italian tradition, to the craftsmen who would measure a rider for a bike the way a tailor would measure someone for a suit. The most advanced bikes are no longer built to measure, but thanks to our 11 frame sizes, 16 handlebar sizes, and 2 setback options on our seatpost, we can provide you with 352 combinations to allow you to find the perfect position on the saddle of your new DOGMA F – compared to the 7 options you’re offered elsewhere.

    From the earliest stages of design, every single detail of the DOGMA F has been conceived organically, to preserve the specific characteristics of the frame regardless of size. We don’t just lengthen or shorten tubes, we change angles and revise whole sections, with one goal in mind: Making sure everyone experiences the same unique performance qualities of the DOGMA F.



    When it comes to carbon, there are endless options on the market today. And like so many other things in life, there is always the classic quality/price ratio.

    PINARELLO is at the top of this scale, and we only use carbon from our Japanese partner TORAY, which provides us with their very best product for the DOGMA F: TORAYCA T1100 1K with Nanoalloy Technology. This is the same fibre used to produce the fastest race cars and the most modern and technologically advanced aircraft.



    Each PINARELLO is conceived with the same irrefutable starting point: asymmetry. This is our core construction philosophy. Why? Because the forces exerted on a bike are asymmetrical. Your legs push both pedals, but the chain acts ONLY ON THE RIGHT SIDE. It is therefore obvious that a frame must be ASYMMETRIC to allow you to pedal in a truly SYMMETRICAL manner.



    • – 265 GRAMS (complete disc frame kit in size 53)
    • + 12% STIFFNESS on the bottom bracket
    • + 3.2% MORE AERODYNAMIC (F rim vs f12 rim)
    • + 4.8% MORE AERODYNAMIC (F disc vs f12 disc)
    • + 1.3W SAVED at 40 Km/h / 2.6W SAVED at 50 Km/h



    You might have noticed that we’ve dropped the number from our latest flagship model. Why? The idea of eliminating the numerical code that has classified our best bikes for seven generations came from reading the dictionary definition of Dogma:

    dogma | ˈdɒɡmə |
    a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true: the dogmas of faith
    Mid 16th century: via late Latin from Greek dogma ‘opinion’, from dokein ‘seem good, think’


    The PINARELLO DOGMA F is an icon, it goes beyond a number or superficial classifications. It has been a symbol of excellence since 2000 and continues to be the gold standard for cycling performance. A Dogma is a dream bike, regardless of the model, and so we chose to use a simple F, as a link with the past and a symbol of the present, while also creating an identity for the future.

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