Our goal

About is the place for kiwi's to savour the opportunity to purchase the best cycling brands in the world and not pay the earth! We are Kiwi owned and operated - that makes a big difference when it comes to making purchasing decisions and to the expectations you should have with regards to service and support. It's pretty simple really - we ride the same roads and trails that you do - we brave the same diverse conditions that you do - and we source products that make cycling in New Zealand the outstanding experience it should be!

Make an informed decision.

We are committed to providing great support for all of our products. Before you buy, you can browse our extensive range of products and make an informed choice. Feedback from others who have used the products, videos and associated technical documents are all available - providing pre-purchase support.  

Peace of Mind.

You know when you go on a bunch ride with people that make you feel safe, who know their stuff and who make the ride awesome - that's the feeling we'd like you to have when you are a customer.  If something needs sorting, we are here to help. We stand behind the products we represent and will do all we can to ensure you get every ounce of enjoyment out of your purchase.

Phone Auckland 09 489 5494 or 0800 Kiwivelo


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