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Tour De France Trips 2015


Who is the Kiwivelo Tour for?

Anyone! Non-cyclists and cyclists.
Non-cyclist will be transported with the Kiwivelo Tours staff ahead of the riders to the meeting point.
Cyclists have the option of riding different distances, however if you are planning on riding, the terrains are difficult and a reasonable level of fitness is required for your enjoyment. In the past the riding options have been between 2 and 5 hours.

It is not compulsory to ride everyday. As a guide if you can comfortably ride 2.5hr to 3hrs on a flat terrain should get you through the shorter mountain days.
If you have any concerns about your ability please contact us.
(Remember, you still have summer to train up for the TDF!)

What we do

We feel Kiwivelo Tours is the guided tour group to the Tour de France with the personal touch. We have Kiwivelo Tours staff that are Kiwi and have cycling experience; so we know what you need on and off the bike to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

We realize the money involved in a trip to the Tour de France so our aim is to make it a trip of a lifetime for all our clients. That is one of the reasons the groups are kept small so you do not feel like you are just another number on your TDF experience.

What can you expect?

Below is the main outline of a day following le tour:

+ Breakfast
+ Transported to the start of our riding route.
+ Ride on the Tour course (usually up a breath taking mountain, literally)
+ Re-group with the rest of the Tour party on the TDF course where we will have lunch and await the Tour de France to pass.
+ Set up Camp Kiwi to support our favourite riders.
+ Put up the NZ flags and stake out our own piece of NZ in France!
+ Watch the TDF come past.
+ Head back to the hotel for dinner and R&R.


Cyclist will have the use of the Kiwivelo Tours mechanics to help assist you while you are away for minor repairs and unpacking and packing your bikes on arrival and departure.


Insurance is not included in the costings for the trip so please ensure you take all necessary travel/medical insurance to cover cancellation of your flights, bikes and medical insurance etc.

What do I need to do now?

If you are interested in following the Tour with us in 2015 please contact us.
Ph: 09 489 5494 or email vanessa@kiwivelo.co.nz